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The controversial Tiffany Pollard sex tape

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

News about the controversial sex tape of Tiffany “New York” Pollard rang out like an alarm and most of the people who heard about it was not to keen in keeping a sharp eye in searching for her sex video over the internet since the public was not so surprised to learn of such news since they saw the real Tiffany Pollard as a real “bitch” when she first appeared on VH1’s Flavors of Love. But still a lot of people would want to satisfy their curiosity and they would take time off in looking for that elusive sex video over the internet and see for themselves if she’s the one doing all the nasty deed in front of the videocam. Although Tiffany denied such rumors about her sex tape circulating, people got to see the entire clip and majority of them were convinced that it was Tiffany in the video.

The guys have managed to get the complete copy of Tiffany’s sex tape and we decided to post it here so you can get to watch and see if what they say is true. Watch the entire hardcore video by simply clicking on this link and witness Tiffany Pollard in action only at Tiffany New York Pollard Naked.