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Tiffany Pollard Shows Off Her Huge Tits!

Monday, September 13th, 2010

hot tiffany pollard boobs

Tiffany Pollard is one hot bootylicious brown sugar! She has perky, humongous breasts that you would love to massage and dark brown nipples that you would love to lick! Flavor Flav sure looked like a damn fool when he chose Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander over this sexy fuckable babe in the season finale of Flavor of Love. Don’t you just want to rub your dick in between her lovely big hooters?

sexy tiffany pollard hottie

Tiffany Pollard’s eyes are very expressive and that accentuates her emotions as the two of you spend the lazy afternoon together locked inside a room and fucking each other’s brains out. That would be a dream day for all of her male fans. Take your time browsing these sample pictures of Tiffany Pollard in sexy poses and imagine your dream date with her.

hot tiffany pollard cleavage

New York got her shit beat up

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Another reason why Tiffany Pollard should not belong to the glitz and glam of mainstream Hollywood: there was news before of Tiffany Pollard getting beat up by some bitch who wanted a piece of her mind lodged in New York’s guts at the VMA’s afterparty. Well, Tiffany should have seen it coming, some real bitch out there’s not gonna take calling herself the Head Bitch in Charge too kindly. So the unknown ho who dragged New York’s ass on the dance floor, in the middle of a watching crowd, was simply looking to take the crown for herself and be the Biggest, Baddest Bitch there ever was. Sigh, poor Tiffany. If she weren’t such a slut and a half and just kept her mouth shut, she wouldn’t have been sporting a shiner the following day, and she would’ve had the sympathy of everyone at the club that night. Apparently, not a soul stood up for our favorite pussy as she got used as a floor mop by the mysterious, clawed attacker.

Or, you know what, it’s actually good for Tiffany to be a slut and keep her mouth wide open; she’s just not in the right place. New York had real use of her skankery in her hardcore sex tape without getting the crap beat out of her ass, so she should just quit the public scene and do more fuck videos, like the one she made before.