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September 26th, 2016 by J

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There’s actually not much to tell about Tiffany Pollard as she doesn’t have much recent projects lately but you can count on her to give you the best updates with regard to her new chosen career path. Just like a lot of other stars who may not admit to it, Pollard ended up taking an offer in the adult industry to not ‘waste her skills’ or go rusty while waiting for new wholesome things to do. But just like most of these stars too, their naughty sidelines never remain a secret. They are always bound to get leaked just like this hot sex tape which shows Pollard sucking on some man’s stiff cock and enjoying rough sex with him while they have everything on cam. There’s no sign of Pollard being shy at all as she savagely eat that throbbing meat and let it plow her moist cunt from behind. Looks like she knows well which position she has to be in on certain camera angles and most probably have been doing this for a while now as she appears so flawless with every move. She gets that pussy fucked rough until she gets that ass covered in jizz.

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May 18th, 2016 by J

Tiffany Pollard may have been turned down a few times, broken engagements and the like, but she vowed to continue enjoying her love life but with no strings attached this time around. Sucking and riding a white man’s dick is one of her favorite pastimes as long as feelings aren’t involved. She goes extra wild at this thought, which brings her to a hot and messy cum explosion everytime she gets titty-fucked on cam. Those massive tits serve a lot of purpose, alright, but they serve best in kinky fuck fests like this one.

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September 13th, 2010 by tiff

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Tiffany Pollard is one hot bootylicious brown sugar! She has perky, humongous breasts that you would love to massage and dark brown nipples that you would love to lick! Flavor Flav sure looked like a damn fool when he chose Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander over this sexy fuckable babe in the season finale of Flavor of Love. Don’t you just want to rub your dick in between her lovely big hooters?

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Tiffany Pollard’s eyes are very expressive and that accentuates her emotions as the two of you spend the lazy afternoon together locked inside a room and fucking each other’s brains out. That would be a dream day for all of her male fans. Take your time browsing these sample pictures of Tiffany Pollard in sexy poses and imagine your dream date with her.

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April 22nd, 2010 by tiff

Another reason why Tiffany Pollard should not belong to the glitz and glam of mainstream Hollywood: there was news before of Tiffany Pollard getting beat up by some bitch who wanted a piece of her mind lodged in New York’s guts at the VMA’s afterparty. Well, Tiffany should have seen it coming, some real bitch out there’s not gonna take calling herself the Head Bitch in Charge too kindly. So the unknown ho who dragged New York’s ass on the dance floor, in the middle of a watching crowd, was simply looking to take the crown for herself and be the Biggest, Baddest Bitch there ever was. Sigh, poor Tiffany. If she weren’t such a slut and a half and just kept her mouth shut, she wouldn’t have been sporting a shiner the following day, and she would’ve had the sympathy of everyone at the club that night. Apparently, not a soul stood up for our favorite pussy as she got used as a floor mop by the mysterious, clawed attacker.

Or, you know what, it’s actually good for Tiffany to be a slut and keep her mouth wide open; she’s just not in the right place. New York had real use of her skankery in her hardcore sex tape without getting the crap beat out of her ass, so she should just quit the public scene and do more fuck videos, like the one she made before.

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August 28th, 2008 by tiff

The Head Bitch In Charge is cooking something really tasty and we got the chance to taste some of her sizzling lingerie photos as Tiffany gets on her sexy pair of lingerie while she displays her massive pair of tits that were about to pop out while she posed seductively before the camera and gave us one helluva nasty woody in between her legs! This black chick is too hard to resist and you can get to browse over our huge collection of her sexy lingerie photo sets over at Tiffany New York Pollard Naked. Just click here and you’re on your way to feast those eager eyes on one very sexy New York.

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August 28th, 2008 by tiff

News about the controversial sex tape of Tiffany “New York” Pollard rang out like an alarm and most of the people who heard about it was not to keen in keeping a sharp eye in searching for her sex video over the internet since the public was not so surprised to learn of such news since they saw the real Tiffany Pollard as a real “bitch” when she first appeared on VH1’s Flavors of Love. But still a lot of people would want to satisfy their curiosity and they would take time off in looking for that elusive sex video over the internet and see for themselves if she’s the one doing all the nasty deed in front of the videocam. Although Tiffany denied such rumors about her sex tape circulating, people got to see the entire clip and majority of them were convinced that it was Tiffany in the video.

The guys have managed to get the complete copy of Tiffany’s sex tape and we decided to post it here so you can get to watch and see if what they say is true. Watch the entire hardcore video by simply clicking on this link and witness Tiffany Pollard in action only at Tiffany New York Pollard Naked.

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August 28th, 2008 by tiff

Tiffany Pollard was, is and will always be one controversial TV personality in the world of reality shows and the whole world got to see her true self when she struggled her way through hell and high waters just to get Flava Flav’s attention in the reality dating show Flavors of Love where she taunted other contestants by being the real bitch she is and she even got into a bitter spat with another contestant Brooke Thompson that almost spun out of control. But now Tiffany is even more controversial these days and no rumors about her alleged nude pictures were starting to circulate and we later found out that there are existing nude pictures of her and we happen to have the entire set in our possession so now you can get to see the other side of Tiffany Pollard as she bares her all in some of the most explicit and revealing pictures you won’t easily find anywhere else.

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